The Jacknife Band Name Generator

Just think, you might soon be listening to . . .

Milton TuftMamma BlinkAcademician Mutineer
Aphasia AgainCitrus HubbyGlossy Interrogatory
Contiguity ParaboloidalVacuole TWALizard Scripture
Grady JuridicSchnabel Questionnaire KidnappingAdd Nestle
Auction JorgeKhartoum DiluentHobart Asheville
Stampede MailSushi AudubonLevity McFarland
Lebensraum FactoryInfectious OppressorHandout Attain
Fop WallyGimbel AutomataIncompatible Honk
Bedfast ShirleyNuminous FulfillBisect Paper
Lethal BillionthJut PortentousCarcinoma Danzig

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CGI by Brad Spencer, words from Words used without permission because words are free. :) See what else is on this machine.

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