The Jacknife Band Name Generator

Just think, you might soon be listening to . . .

Detector DuringCoop HoiCounterproductive Diploidy
Meteorology WastrelTypic TektiteRefusal Provoke Meander
Sojourn ConnoisseurCounterclockwise TargetPaunch Californium
Adelaide ThankTennis CrutchScrapbook Clothesmen
Scott Bouquet HurryCanis PiracyChicanery Cupboard
Polymorph FeloniousFriction ImmigrantEleanor Day
Aug HoggingBottleneck SpinneretAbsurd Laurentian
Cardiod FetusVariac WombGog GOP
Axle Elmira ApostolicShoelace EdificeLunch Spruce
Muskrat BrusqueHalocarbon FoxyConformance Notorious

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CGI by Brad Spencer, words from Words used without permission because words are free. :) See what else is on this machine.

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