Who is Brad?

I live in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.

These days I work at BlackBerry as a software architect where among other things I wrote lots of modern high and low-level C++ code. You can find many of my more recent open source patches and bug reports on GitHub.

Many, many, years ago I worked as a Systems Architect at Infointeractive. This means that I helped to create Internet Call Manager and AOL Call Alert, among other things. Back in the old days we were a ticker symbol on the Alberta, Montreal, Toronto and eventually Nasdaq exchanges. Then, in July 2001, a big company came along and bought IIA, and then I did cool things for them until just about 2008.

In the mists of type, before the Internet was taken for granted (scary), I went to Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada even), where they decided to give me an Honours Co-op Degree in Computer Science. You can reach me via spencer@jacknife.org, perhaps even by using my GPG public key.

I grew up in Fall River, Nova Scotia, went to high school in Bedford, lived in Halifax when I was younger, and now live in Hammonds Plains.

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