Bub v0.99

It's been released!

Yes, you can now get Bub right here. To uncompress it, you'll need some ZIP program. If you have trouble unarchiving Bub, please let me know.


Bub is my clone of the game known as Bust-A-Move, Bubble Bobble II, Bubble Crack, Puzzle Bobble, and probably anything else that has an 'ub' or 'ob' sound in it. You may have seen the Neo-Geo version in the basement of the Dal SUB :).

Actually, it's fully playable now, and since I ported my S3M and MOD player over to DJGPP, it's quite cool. Oh, did I mention that I also wrote my own 32-bit protected-mode IRQ-driven UART library to implement the multiplayer mode? On top of all of this, Paul has provided some cool music for it, too. You can get more of his stuff on his homepage or from www.hornet.org/pub/demos. Search for Reepicheep. (Hornet has [unfortunately] been long gone for quite some time now.)

Here's a title-page screenshot, since it's in Mode X and that's a pain to screen capture.

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Last updated January 4, 1998
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