If you really want a good laugh, then check out these Cheeze-O-Rific® films! A blue dot # means I have seen the movie, and a red dot * indicates that I haven't. All links have been fixed to point to the new location of the Internet Movie Database.

Black Belt Jones - [THEME] He's the kickin'est, punchin'est, choppin'est dude on Earth! A lot of the BBJ soundtrack is now available from Papa Byrd's Page. I've sent a lot of information to the database that this link points to, and it looks like it all got added.
    Other BBJ and related resources :)
    #My own little piece of heaven.
    #Matt has some material, including a copy of my RealAudio-ified theme.
    #This guy has dedicated his whole page to the film! He's even got the script!
    #These guys have the "What if Star Wars was a Black Exploitation film?" homepage!
* Black Belt Jones II: The Hot Potato - It exists, and we have it. Check the BBJ page for scans!
# Plan 9 from Outer Space - Awful, but in a good kind of way. It is generally accepted to be the worst movie of all time. I agree. Written-Directed-Produced by Ed Wood, of course.
# Les Préjugés envers les Religions - The second in a series of French videos. It really is funny, and you don't need to know French. :)
# Tuna Fiche - The fourth in a series of French videos for high school. :)
# Dolomite: The Original Pimp - A must see by the legendary Rudy Ray Moore. :)
# Dolomite II: The Human Tornado - Another 90 minutes of classic "alternative action"!
# Disco Godfather - Absolutely no story to this one. Rudy Ray Moore!
# Shaft - Richard Rowndtree, with Academy Award winning music by Isaac Hayes
# Shaft's Big Score - John Shaft returns in his second adventure
* Shaft in Africa - Richard Rowndtree just won't quit! (There was Shaft TV series, too.)
* Black Force - It's on the hit-list!
* Shaolin versus Llama - It's been recommended to me.
# Truck Turner - A touch of classic Isaac Hayes
# I'm Gonna Git You Sucka - A spoof of the Black Exploitation genre.
# The Superfly Series - I've seen the first one, but I forget the names of the rest right now.
# One Down, Two to Go - Featuring Jim Kelly! And it's 80's!
# The Mack - With Richard Pryor, even. This movie just plain sucks, but there are some true pimps present. This is ICE-T's favorite film.
# Blackjack - A group of thugs rob like six casinos in one night.
* Black Caesar - With Fred Williamson, one of The Four Kings of Black Action!
# Ed Wood - The 1994 film about the World's Worst Director! A must see!
* Bride of the Monster - Another of Ed's movies that I had forgotten all about.
* Glen or Glenda - Don't ask.
# Breakdance 2: Electric Bugaloo - This totally 80's film was on ASN a while back, and it even features ICE-T!
* The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies - I've seen the preview for this one, and they really had to squeeze the title onto the screen. :)
* Take A Hard Ride - Another Jim Kelly film.
* Enter the Dragon - I know it's a Bruce Lee film, but Jim Kelly is supposed to be in it!
* The Kentucky Fried Movie - Need I say more?
* Three the Hard Way - Some more Jim Kelly.
* Death Dimension - Even more Jim Kelly.
* Jail Bait - Another Ed Wood film.
* Revenge of the Dead - Could it be anyone except Ed Wood?
* The Sinister Urge - Ed Wood strikes again.
* Necromania - Perhaps the only film on the list I really don't want to see. Thanks, Ed.
# CHUD - I was using the word long before I ever heard of the movie. In fact, in the movie, it's just an ancronym: Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers and/or Contaminated Hazardous Underground Disposal.
# CHUD 2 - The sequel that has nothing to do with the first film, this movie features Bud the Chud and documents his escapades with a bunch of high school students.
# Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy - Classic 1960 crap from Mexico1
# Zoltan - Lame 1993 vampire-dog movie. The ending is especially bad.1
# The Evil Dead Trilogy - This includes Army of Darkness1
# Avenging Disco Godfather - Is this the same as Disco Godfather? The debate continues.1

The following movies are listed at the end of It Came From Hollywood, a film which explores some of the worst movies ever made. It features the trailer for Black Belt Jones ("Right on!") and a tribute to Ed Wood. I've included the ones that are already listed on my main page, so don't get confused if you see them again.

One again, a blue dot and I have seen it, a red dot and I haven't.

* The Amazing Colossal Man
* A*P*E (aka Attack Of The Giant Horny Gorilla)
* Atomic Rulets Of The World
* Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
* Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
* Attack Of The Mushroom People
* Attack Of The Puppet People
* Batmen Of Africa
* Battle In Outer Space
* The Best From 20,000 Fathoms
* Beginning Of The End
# Black Belt Jones
* The Blob
* Blonde Savage
* The Brain From Planet Arous
* The Brain That Wouldn't Die
* The Bride And The Beast
* The Bride Of The Monster
* The Cool And The Crazy
* The Crawling Eye
* Creature From The Black Lagoon
* Creeping Terror
* Curse Of The Faceless Man
* The Cyclops
* Daughter Of The Jungle
* The Day The Earth Stood Still
* The Deady Mantis
* Don't Knock The Rock
* Dragstrip Girl
* Earth vs. The Flying Saucers
* Evil Brain From Outer Space
* Fiend Without a Face
* Firemaidens From Outer Space
* First Man Into Space
* The Fly
* The Flying Saucer
* Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell
* Frankenstein's Daughter
* Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
* From Hell It Came
* The Giant Claw
* Glen Or Glenda
* Hideous Sun Demon
* High School Confidential
* High School Hellcats
* The Horror Of Party Beach
* House On Haunted Hill
* The Hypnotic Eye
* I Married A Monster From Outer Space
* I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
* The Incredible Melting Man
* The Incredible Shrinking Man
* The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies
* Invaders From Space
* Invasion Of The Neptune Men
* Isle Of The Forgotten Sins
* The Killer Shrews
* Lost City
* The Loves Of Hercules
* Maniac
* The Manster
* Marihuana
* Married Too Young
* Mars Needs Women
* Missle To The Moon
* Monster And The Ape
* Monster From Green Hell
* Octa-Man
* The Party Crashers
* Perils Of Nyoka
# Plan Nine From Outer Space
* Prince Of Space
* Reefer Madness
* Reptilicus
* Robot Monster
* Rock Baby, Rock It!
* Rocket Attack, U.S.A.
* Runaway Daughters
* Shake, Rattle, and Rock
* The Slime People
* Son Of Godzilla
* Space Children
* Street Corner
* Sunny Side Up
* Teenage Monster
* Teenagers From Outer Space
* The Thing With Two Heads
* The Tingler
* The Violent Years
* The War Of The Worlds
* The Weird World Of LSD
* White Gorilla
* Wonder Bar
* X From Outer Space
* Yongary-Monster From The Deep
* Zombies Of The Stratosphere

Credits go to people who wrote me with other movies that I actually remembered to add to the list are credited below.

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