Paul and his Tracker Modules

Yup. He's me best bud, and he's drooling at Acadia. For one, he writes songs, so that's what I have here. Perhaps someday he'll be organized enough to have a page on his own account :).

That's right! I have a limited selection [read "one"] of Reepicheep's (a.k.a. Paul Medynski's) latest "songs", as we call them. I'm going to be putting up the entire 1992 - 1998 Reepicheep collection someday, if he gives me permission :)

In the modern era, WinAmp does an okay job at trying to play these modules, but you really need the old school trackers to do them justice. Some newish players exist, too, but I don't know how good they are.

The following paragraph is kept for posterity.

Basically, you need a PC with a GUS or some other, inferior soundcard and a module player. Of course, other systems may be able to play the .S3M format that these songs are written in, but they will sound best (and will be played correctly) in Scream Tracker 3.21 or Fast Tracker 2.04 (359768 bytes zipped) with a GUS, and a SB might come close.

* Dorado - His latest release (at least a few years ago)! (326263 bytes zipped)
* As soon as Paul gets off his ass and releases another song, I put it here. It's really taking him a very long time...

Et al

*Jason Burgess actually did update his home page this year :)
*The Stumpy Peurto Rican's got lots of pictures of everyone. Check it out. Too bad the page is 4 years out of date!
*Dave Whiting probably still has a homepage.
*Paul Medynski I mentioned already.
*D.K.'s seems to have retired from the homepage scene :)
*Paul Gordon's page is no longer there. Sad to see old ug accounts go.

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Last Updated November 8, 1999