Petey's Page!

This page is dedicated to Peter MacDonald, the "quiet and humble" Charles P. Allen High School teacher who was driven to the edge of insanity by some of his Honours Chemistry students. I just hope that he doesn't think it's all going to end now that we're gone! MUWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!

The photo above is taken from the 1993-94 yearbook, and he sort of looks like he should be called Mighty Morphin' Power Petey. :) It's probably just because he's the only one short enough to have his arms included in the picture...

Petey Update!

It seems that Petey himself has seen the page! It appears one of his current students found it, printed it out and showed him. The next thing I know, I get mail from an account named cpallen :). He seemed to generally approve, but has been quoted as saying, "There should be a law against that sort of thing," or some such nonsense :). Hey, it's not like he could stop me... hehehe. Anyway, I'm still working on getting that sound clip recorded.

Behold, Laine Green, Petey's mortal enemy (from Hammonds Plains, no less)! There is just no stopping Laine when it comes to annoying the hell out of a Chemistry teacher. He, myself and Dave Whiting went to town on Petey's room during the second semester of Grade 12. We taped up everything in his room to everything else in his room. We decorated the walls with both the beautiful bumper stickers that read "My son/daughter is an Honours Student at Charles P. Allen High School" and with equisitely designed posters labelling everything in the room.

Thanks to DK, we can now present to you an article about Petey from the April 1991 Bedford Monthly "magazine". Hey, you can even look at the awful pictures he posed for! :)

More pictures and info later! I have a sound clip, but it is on a mini-cassette and my mini-cassette player is broken. Arggg! Anyone have change for the bus? :)

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This page last updated November 30, 1995.