The Fight for Justice

[IMAGE] Okay, okay, the header is about Quake and the picture is from Doom.... The point is that this is my brief tribute to the Gods at id Software (including the Romeromeister :)). Commander Keen was cool, Wolfenstein was unbelievably cool, Doom is beyond cool and Quake will be exploring new realms of coolness. If you haven't already, check out id's homepage and buy their cool stuff. Ferraris cost money, you know :).

Speaking of the GUS . . .

Until I have more time to write about how God-like the Gravis UltraSound is compared to those pathetic unCreative Labs cards, just explore this link. If you've never heard a GUS, try and find the UltraSound Experience CD-ROM (no GUS required), or check out the GUS MIDI Demo Page, created by Dave Britton. And remember, the GUS does way more than just MIDI :). Of course, if you're into MIDI, take a look at Gerd Reichinger's MIDI Page. He's the guy who put together the "Very Best of GUS MIDI" collection!

Check out the official Advanced Gravis Homepage.

Cool Things You Can (or Could) Actually See On T.V.

* Red Dwarf - The hilarious last-man-alive-lost-in-space British comedy. I just bought season six. :)
* The Prisoner - An very cool show that is once again not available locally. Check out this Prisoner homepage.
* The X Files - It's cheezy, but I'm the guy with the movie list. :)
* Clerks - This is a movie and you can't see it on TV, but it is very cool, so go rent it. :)
* Bob Roberts - Okay, okay, this is a movie too. But I did see it on TV, and it's very good.


Find out about the high school Chemistry teacher we love to bug!

Assembly '95 was held not too long ago, so check out the entries!

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Last updated February 13, 1996